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Dyke Artist Rev Woman Sister Art Womyns' Ware Vancouver (TM ©)
Womyns'Ware Vancouver
896 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC V5L 3Y5
(604) 254-2543

Womyns'Ware Art Show

Lesbian Art | Women In Nature
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Chinese Women Art
Women In Nature | Farmers Daughter

The Celebration and Empowerment of Women's Sexuality©

Womyns'Ware Inc., located in Vancouver, BC, offers products, services, and an environment for the celebration and empowerment of women's sexuality. With a strong emphasis on education, the women of Womyns'Ware deal with sex and sexuality in a frank and forthright manner.

Empowering women sexually empowers men too. We are all better able to take responsibility for our sexual desires and instincts, to share what is good and to protect ourselves from what is not. While an extremely lofty goal, we hope that Womyns’Ware’s approach to sex contributes to a change in our societies overall sexual health. Every time you join us in this mission you aid us in our fight.

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Rev has original art work and numbered prints available. She also does custom and commissioned art work.

Contact Rev for more information.